So i live in this world called planet earth.
Its honestly a really weird place i feel…. but havent really got a choice but to live in it.
I would say im a normal girl, young, and the age does not need to be asked but young is enough for you to make your own judgement.
I may sound rude but im honestly not, im a nice girl once you get to know me, just at the moment i wanna be angry, i wanna feel angry and have no one to say anything about it yanoe?

my spelling by the way, is not so good so try to figure it out… and because i am young, i do tend to abbreviate my words… haha im sorry… hope that doesnt affect your ability to read this, but who would want to read this? am i even interesting to read about? am i an interesting character? Although this isnt a story, its a blog but how can you tell reality from fiction from someone you have never met in your life? its very mind boggling…

Now weirdly enough, the first thing i want you to know about me, is something i imagined in my mind… its weird to share this sort ot thing on a first post but its just so interesting that i feel i have to write it down before i forget it. I was at some stupid class that my mum dragged me to, its was meditation, clearing your mind, relieving stress from your body, something like that. Anyway once we got into it, the woman asked us to imagine a place, a place where we feel completely at peace, a place with anything we want and anything we enjoy, and the place i imagined was completely and utterly beautiful. amazing. peaceful. A place ide love to go with no one there, because its my place, a place where only i can enjoy the peace. This place was a garden, but it looked small in my head but felt big (yes, it felt like i was there lol)  it felt circular? everything going around, and in there is a beautiful lake, with fresh running water, the suns out and it feels hot and the water is refreshingly cold and pure. perfect tanning atmosphere i must say. im a wearing a white sort of dress that can swish around, long, but doesnt make me feel hot, im also wearing those flowery circular things that you put around your head. Imagine it? its so beautiful, lovely flowers everywhere, a river in between and i dont care where it came from or where its leading. “it’s here now and its keeping me happy” i thought in my head. and i will never forget that place ever in my life.

its wonderful to have a place like that.

i would personally encourage anyone, anyone, whether i like you, hate you (though hate is a very strong word, maybe i should use dislike instead) or whatever, find your place, the place that no one can take away from you, and that place where you feel completely at peace, and whenever you go through any difficulty in life, just remember this place.

Boy it really helps! haha

Yours Truly
Shaliza Something


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